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Residential Renovation

Full and partial renovation projects for residential homes are our specialty. From historic Detroit homes to modern condos, we have you covered!

Commercial Renovation

Cruse Construction has been working on commercial renovations for 10 years. We’ve worked on a variety of commercial spaces, from coffee shops and bakeries to doggy daycares.

New Construction

The new home division is committed to building thoughtful and modern houses in the Detroit area. We offer a unique opportunity to finance and build your own home in the city. Visit to learn more about our new home designs.


From our location in Detroit, our talented design, project management, and construction teams develop and deliver unique projects to a diverse, design-driven community. We have done renovations to the iconic Mies Van De Rohe townhomes for local architects and design professionals, historic restoration, and modernization for the very oldest of our cities homes.

Our projects have been featured in Dwell Magazine, Detroit Home Magazine, Curbed Detroit, Airbnb, as well as other media outlets. What sets Zac Cruse Construction Company apart as your building partner is our ability to deliver the very best version of your project in a process that is collaborative, engaging, and uniquely personal. We are committed to delivering superior design with uncompromising detail.

We are thrilled to offer a set of unique urban home designs to the residents of Detroit. Visit our website to learn more about these homes that focus on thoughtful and modern urban living at


1 | Defining Scope

We will meet with you to learn what your project entails and what your dream finished product looks like. Defining the complexity, timeline and budget are all important first steps in determining the feasibility of your project.

2 | The OPC

We begin with an “Opinion of Probable Cost” based on our experience executing the type of work your project requires. We then discuss the OPC with you and make necessary adjustments to bring us all into agreement of the scope, approximate schedule, and feasibility of the budget. Once in agreement, we will ask for a pre-construction deposit th at will be applied to the pre-construction activities outlined in the 4th phase below.

3 | Contract

Our contracts utilize a Cost-Plus model. This means the total project cost is the result of the direct cost to execute plus a percentage of additional fees. The fees are adjusted based on the direct costs. We believe in complete transparency in this process and will provide detailed spending-to-date reports upon request. Direct Costs include Material costs, Subcontractor costs, and Labor costs required to complete your project. The Profit and Overhead Fee increases and decreases proportionately to the Direct Costs.

4 | Pre-Construction Design

We will draft a design + build a narrative, produce concept drawings and gather concept specifications. For those that come to us with a complete design package already, we can jump into budget validation. We will walk our teams of subcontractors through your project to give us their bids. We will then review the updated budget, scope, schedule, drawings, and specifications with you and make adjustments if necessary.

5 | Build Out

Before the hammer swings, we will collect another payment. As your project starts with a clear plan, you will begin to see your dream become a reality. Throughout construction, we will communicate heavily with you to ensure you are informed and satisfied with the progress. Progress payments will be collected as needed to sustain the project costs. Once the project is nearly completed, we walk through with you to go over the Punch List: the last remaining tweaks and touch-ups to be completed before final payment is made. This ensures that you are entirely happy with our work as the project comes to a close.

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